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mid way throug ha game, coach Becky making a substitution with players on the pitch waiting
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Your Football Club in Victoria Park

Our club was incorporated in January 2014 by a group of people who love soccer and love Victoria Park. We want to give to the community a place where people can laugh and play in a healthy supportive environment.


Core value number 1 - passion

– for the game of football, for our club and for our jersey.

Core value number  - Accountability

– whether we’re shutting down an opposition player, delivering on a commitment made to a sponsor, or ensuring our members’ funds are managed professionally we will always be accountable.

Core value number 3 - teamwork

– on-field and off, we recognise that nothing great is achieved acting alone. We will always look to support and encourage one another.

Core value number 4 - Community

– we will act as responsible members of our local community and of a worldwide community that shares our passion for football.

Core value number 5 - Fair Play

– we will always compete hard but we will do so within the rules of the game and within the spirit of the rules.

Core value number 6 - Equality
Core value number 7 - Respect
Core value number 8 - Discipline

– we will treat all members, players, competitors and spectators as equals.

– we will show respect for each other, for officials, and for our competitors.

– we will show discipline on the training track, in the manner in which we play and in the way in which we manage the business of the club.

Victoria Park Soccer club is a member of the club changer program with football west and has achieved its first of 3 stars
Women's players receiving their half time team talk

“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs”

Victor Hugo

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